I know I promised to tell the story about our decision to adopt again, and I will – as soon as I get the time to sit down and write.  We have been busy running around collecting documents and getting everything done for our homestudy.  We finished our visits and are waiting for the final copy so we can submit our I800a to USCIC for Immigration Approval.  As soon as that is done, things will slow back down and we will back in the waiting stage.

I never thought I would be waiting for China again…. NEVER.  The days, months, and years that we spent waiting for Aliana were so long and hard.  It was our choice to wait and we did complete an adoption from Vietnam during that time, but it didn’t lessen the pain of that long long wait.   Was she worth every. single. second. of it?  Absolutely!!

Anyway, we are back in the waiting game again, but hopefully for not too long.   We submitted our LOI on 1/17/2011 and received PA on 1/25/2011.  Our next step is to have our dossier sent to China (DTC) and then be logged in (LID).  In the meantime, we are working towards Immigration Approval.  So things are moving along.

And, just because I love his adorable pink sandals, here is another picture from our referral…….