When we brought Ladybug home in January last year, we knew we were finished growing our family.  We told everyone that we were done!  We quickly settled into our new family life and enjoyed the idea of no longer being stuck in a waiting pattern.  We watched friends  travel and shared with other friends as they prepared to start their next journeys  for new children.  All the time, we still felt that we were done.  I will admit that I did say at times that if we ever adopted again, we would adopt a boy, but then I would quickly say that we were DONE.

In late November/early December we heard that people who had adopted in the past year could reuse their dossier to adopt from China again.  This was exciting to hear, but we still didn’t feel as if it was meant for us.  Then one day while I was sitting in the doctor’s office with Dragonfly, I recieved an email on my phone from our agency.  They talked about the latest Waiting Child List and I decided to just take a look at it.  I saw a little boy on there and asked to look at his file.  In the end, that child’s file was locked by another family.  Our agency, though, sent us another file.  I could say the rest is history……. but then I wouldn’t tell the whole story.   I would be leaving out the part about spending the next two weeks, saying maybe, saying yes, saying no, praying, deliberating, having family meetings and late night talks.  There was something about this little boy.  I knew we were done, but I had this STRONG feeling that he was our son.  It was such a strange and emotional place to be in.  The big kids were 100% convinced that he was their new little brother.  Jeff and I just needed to be sure that we were making the right decision by bringing home another child to our already large family.  Was there enough of us to go around?  We waited to the last second to make the decision and it honestly came down to ….. why wouldn’t we?  There’s enough love around here for one more and he’s our son.  Oh, and apparently God had other plans.

By the way, after this we are done.  Really.