SMH came over to play today at our house while her mommy went to a meeting.  The girls had a fun time pushing toy filled strollers and shopping carts around the living room.  They played with dolls, and carried their blankets and shared lunch.  It’s really amazing how well they play together since they are all three so spoiled rotten well loved.   I especially love to watch the relationship between Ladybug and SMH.  Some people may think I am crazy, but there is a special bond between them that can’t be explained.   They arrived in their families’ arms at the same exact time and traveled home from China together to a brand new life.  In those early days, when Ladybug was not interested in any other person, she would reach out to touch SMH.  She has always smiled happily when she saw her and one of her very first words was “Mei”.  When my dear friend and I were waiting during those long months for our daughters, we would often talk about our hopes for them to have a close relationship.  It looks as if our hopes are coming true and it’s a beautiful thing!!

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