Mathematician had to have a physical for the upcoming baseball season yesterday.  Each year I am amazed at how much he has grown from the year before.  I knew this year he had grown several inches because he has actually outgrown me!  His voice has changed and we tease him that he is going to have to shave that upper lip before too long.   He was 5’8 1/2″ tall and I couldn’t believe it!  Where did my scrawny 6 lb baby go that I gave birth to?  I guess all the food he has been eating and all the sleeping he does, is to fuel the growing that is going on.  When I look at my children, I am amazed at the young men and women they are growing up to be and I can’t believe how fast it is happening.  I’m so proud of Mathematician.  Not only is he tall and strong on the outside, but he is tall on the inside.  He has a beautiful helpful spirit and is my right hand man, especially when Jeff is at work or out-of-town.  I can’t wait to see the man that he will become someday.  God certainly blessed us with him, almost 14 years ago. 

“Sons are a heritage from the Lord”……  Psalm 127:3a