Every day I spend time wondering what our new son will be like.  What kind of personality does he have?  Will he be quiet and laid back or loud and busy?  What does he do all day in China?  There is no way to know exactly what he is like until we finally have him in our arms for a while and see his true self.  I can’t wait for those days to arrive.   We were given the chance by our wonderful agency to ask some questions recently.  They sent a list of questions to his orphanage and within a day, we were sent back the answers!!   We learned a little more about him.  Some things are very interesting.

We know that he is living with a foster family and has been for quite a while.  He loves candy and cookies and playing with toy cars.   He isn’t afraid of anything and can be comforted with a toy car.  (note to self : purchase plenty of toy cars)   He speaks and understands only Cantonese.   He hasn’t gotten our package yet, but I think this is because Chinese New Year slowed down the mail.

Learning all these new details about him only makes me miss him more, and I haven’t even met him yet.