Mr. Blue Eyes is our track runner.  He has given up spring baseball for his new love – middle school track.  I think he may have found his niche.  It’s never been a secret that he loves to run and speed has always been one of his strong points on the baseball field, soccer field and basketball court.  My dad and brother were runners and even the hubs did his share of a few marathons.  So, of course we are all as pleased as can be to see him take off down this path. (pun intended)   His current time for the mile is 5 minutes/56 seconds.

This season he has a little added inspiration because his girlfriend friend who happens to be a girl is also running track and they get to spend weekday afternoon practices and track meets together.  It’s a pretty nifty arrangement and I think he’s liking it quite a bit.  Which brings me to another point.  My current baby boy is growing up too fast!!!  This boy was once a scrawny little bitty baby that fussed and cried and was always hungry.  I am almost sure that was just yesterday.  If it wasn’t for those same beautiful blue eyes, I would never believe this was the same boy.   He’s come a long way and I am afraid if I blink, he is going to change even more before this year is over.  Slow down baby boy,  there will always be time to grow up.  Just for now, please just stay my blue-eyed little man.