You know spring is coming when baseball season begins.  Baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch and I love this time of year.  Unfortunately, the season begins before it is quite warm enough, in my opinion.  So we start off with blankets and sweatshirts and finish in shorts and flip-flops.   I clean up and restock the bribery ballfield bag with new outside toys (bubbles, sidewalk chalk, buckets, kites, etc) and put the riding toys in the car. The Dragonfly and Ladybug never once complain and are as happy as can be the whole time we are at a game.  Of course their fairy godmother and her daughter, my good friends,  supply them with candy and snacks as well.

I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by.  Christmas was just yesterday and now it is already March!  Spring is almost here, and if you are looking for us, we are probably either at the baseball field or at a track meet.

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