We were fingerprinted today….. not because we are criminals, but because we are trying hard to bring home a new son.  And by the way, that is not us in the picture.  This is a required step in the Immigration Process of Homeland Security.  Now, hopefully in about a month we will get our Immigration Approval and can move on to the next step which is to mail that much wanted  piece of paper to China.  After that we wait for LOA which is Letter Of Approval from China and our official referral paperwork.  That could take from 1-2 months.  Of course we are praying we are on the shorter end but it seems as if nothing is ever on the shorter end of the wait in this process.  After our LOA arrives, we usually wait an average of 8-12 weeks for Travel Approval and then we will travel as soon as we are allowed to go after that – usually within a couple of weeks.  So right now, we are still looking at late summer to get our boy.  It won’t be soon enough!!!!!