I have never been a very patient person.  To be honest, patience has never been one of my character traits.  And I am struggling today.  To be able to move on to the next step and send the last of our paperwork to China, we have to have Immigration Approval from our US Government.  I need an Immigration Approval for my I800a Application.  I WANT an Immigration Approval.  I am praying for an Immigration Approval.  I think about an Immigration Approval all day long and all during the night (thus the reason for no sleep right now).  But no matter how hard I need, want and pray, it hasn’t come…… yet.  Waiting is so hard.  Especially when there is a precious angel face of a little boy that belongs to me thousands of miles away and I can’t lay my hands on him until all these steps get approved…… sigh.  Being patient is hard and it never gets easier.