Our Ladybug graduated from Physical Therapy this week and we are so proud of her!!!   When she came home from China her gross motor skills were over 6 months delayed.  There were days that I wondered if she would ever catch up or come close to where she should be.   At 8 months, she couldn’t sit up or roll over or hardly lift her head up from laying on her stomach.  She had minimal muscle tone. 

Ladybug has surprised us all……  She walks and runs (creeped and crawled first) and tries to jump.  She can kick a ball and walk up stairs holding our hands.  She will try anything that Dragonfly tries first.  She hasn’t completely caught up to her age level skills, but she is close and her therapist feels like she will keep right on succeeding.  When I look at her, it’s hard to remember the way she was in the beginning.  She is amazing. 

She will continue to wear her AFOs (braces on her ankles) for a while and may possibly always wear something in her shoes, but we can handle that.  Whatever it takes for our girl to be her best, we will do!

Congratulations to our little graduate!!!