I always spend part of my Mother’s Day thinking about some mothers that I share special treasures with.  If I could, I would tell them thank you for giving the world and us these beautiful gifts.

I wonder if the first mother of this girl is as witty, funny and strong as she is?  Does she also have the little wrinkle under her right eye when she smiles very big?  If I had the chance, I would tell her what a precious girl she is.  Your little girl is loved more than ever.  Happy Mother’s Day in Vietnam!

And, does the first mother of this little girl share the same laid back/easy going temperament and love to be held and hugged as much as she does?  Does she have this same fair skin and slanted dark eyes?  I would love to tell her how far she has come in the past year and how much progress she has made.  Happy Mother’s Day in China!  Your gift to the world is our baby!

And, Happy Mother’s Day in China to the first Mother of this little guy.  Your precious son isn’t in my arms yet, but I already love him so much and am praying that God allows us him to  join our family soon.  The baby you gave birth to will very soon become a cherished son, little brother,  big brother and friend to many people who will love him.

I was blessed with 3 beautiful biological children several years and then was blessed again by mothers who chose life for their children.   

Proverbs 23:25 –  May your father and mother be glad; may she who gave you birth rejoice!