We sent another box to our little guy.  We hope this is the last box that we will send because by the time he gets it, we will have started thinking about traveling…….  A girl can dream, right?  The last box we sent took about a month to get to him so I don’t know how long this one will take to arrive.   I hope and pray that it gets to him and his foster family and he is able to have what we sent him.

In this box, we sent: an outfit, coloring book and crayons, truck, snacks, candy, laminated pictures of our family, and disposable cameras.  For the foster family we sent: assorted teas, candy, and a silver locket necklace with our little man’s picture.  We also had letters translated to the foster family as well as to our new son.

That 3 lb box looked like it was filled with just a few little things,  but really it was full of a whole lot of love from all of us to one little boy on the other side of the globe.