Our ladybug is making all kinds of progress!!!  She was evaluated this past week and has tested out of the Early Intervention program.  This means she no longer qualifies for therapy.  Although we are thrilled with this news, it is a little bittersweet because we loved our therapists.  Our physical therapist did a great job with our baby girl and helped her get walking when we weren’t too sure if she would arrive at that milestone.  She graduated from that a few weeks ago.  Then, our play therapist has been amazing.  Each week, Ladybug meets her at the door with arms outstretched.  She and the Dragonfly can’t wait to see what is in her “magic bag”.  We have to credit her with all the sounds that our girl learned to make – like the “ZZZZZIIIIIIPPPP” sound she still makes every time she unzips a duffel bag, diaper bag or even a ziploc bag.  It makes me laugh because I know exactly where she learned that.  And she also learned to sing “Happy Birthday” in play therapy and knew exactly how to blow out her candles because Miss C had been working on that for weeks!

We are proud of our baby girl, and we are so thankful for these people who helped bring her to this place!!!