I’m not sure how I gave birth to this daughter??  Musician amazes me with her fearless nature when it comes to animals and creatures of nature.  This girl is not scared of anything – and has never been.  She sure didn’t get those genes from me.  I don’t like spiders, snakes, bugs or anything of that sort.

Today, we found a black snake in our yard.  While the hubs was getting an axe to kill it, she came running out of the house screaming for him to leave it alone.  She jumped right in front of him and scooped it up as fast as she could, grabbing it by the head.  She proceeded to convince him that it was a black snake and they weren’t bad and to please let it go.   So, after a snake photo shoot she took it to the woods and gave it freedom.  By the way, the rest of us that were out of bed were standing around watching bravely screaming like little girls during this whole episode.

***Just for the record, she was getting ready to mow the grass (because she is going to kill me for posting this picture 🙂 )