Living Hope (our agency) received new pictures of our sweet boy and we are sooooo thrilled.  The last pictures we have of him were taken in January.   He has definitely grown, but still looks like our precious little guy that we have fallen in love with.  We are so ready to go get him and are counting the days.  Hopefully we only have a few more weeks till we will be on a plane headed his way.

We also got updated measurements.

He weighs 33 lbs

He is 39 inches tall

He wears a size 9 shoe ( or maybe 9 and a half?)

In comparison, Maia also weighs 33 lbs and is 37 and a half inches tall.  But she wears a size 7 shoe.  So that gives us an idea of how big he will be.  Apparently he is little taller and thinner than Maia, although he is 6 months older.