I have been trying to wait until I get my computer back from the repair shop to update the blog, but since it isn’t coming back for a few more days I couldn’t wait.  I am so behind in posting and need to catch up.

***My friend came home from China and I want to share pictures from meeting her sweet princess at the airport – but the pictures are on my computer…… uuuggghhh!

***We have been doing a little shopping for a certain four year old boy and I wanted to share the new things that are popping up around our house……. pics saved to the computer.

***Our Vietnamese princess turned FOUR yesterday and I have pictures to share from the fun time we had at Chikfila celebrating – I may have to steal Jeff’s computer and download some pictures on there.  I wonder if the bank would mind??

***I can tell you, though that we were CABLED BY THE NATIONAL VISA CENTER ON WEDNESDAY (Aug.3)  AND RECEIVED OUR NOTICE LETTER ON THE SAME DAY.  So we completed the next step.  Now we are waiting for our paperwork to be dropped off at the US Consulate in Guangzhou.  14 days later our Article 5 will be picked up and we will then officially be waiting for TA!!!!!  We are getting closer.