We are waiting for TA.  We have been waiting for TA for 10 days now.  Our agency says to expect TA in 2-3 weeks.  Our last TA arrived in 2 weeks.  I thought that once we got to this point, the hard waiting would all be over, but I was out of my mind gravely mistaken.  If we don’t travel in the middle of September, we won’t be able to travel until the second week of October.  We need a TA by early next week to travel in September.  China celebrates a National Holiday for a week the first of October and then the US Consulate celebrates Columbus Day in China as well.  So, we sit and wait.  And pray.  And wonder and try to plan.  And pray.  And make lists and pack.  And pray.  And try not to stress over the not knowing what we are doing.  And pray some more.

While all the while, thinking that soon we will actually be able to touch and hug and love and kiss and finally meet this precious face that we have memorized and fallen in love with, all through pictures.

It’s going to happen.  I know it is.   We just have to wait a little bit longer.  Surely I have learned how to wait by now.  HA HA HA, that is extremely funny!

“Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him”

Psalm 37:7a