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Our good friends who recently got engaged (a previous post) are busy planning their wedding for next year.  A few nights ago, they presented the Dragonfly and Ladybug with two beautifully wrapped gifts.  Inside was a book for each of them about a Flower Girl who was in a wedding.  The books talked about the flower girl’s job and the fun things she gets to do.  They even included a necklace (in one book) and practice flower petals (in the other).  Of course the girls loved it!!  They love anything that includes dress up, princess style.

Then the Bride and Groom to be formally asked the girls to be in their wedding.  It was precious watching them say “YES”!  So for the next year, we will be practicing how to walk down an aisle without falling, throwing flower petals on the floor and not at each other, and standing happily with a wedding party without crying and whining for mommy.