Well, travel is not going to happen as soon as we thought.  China has too many holidays and the US Consulate is booked with appointments.  I am focusing on the fact that we are FINALLY getting to go and that God does all things perfectly in His timing.  We will get our precious son on the day that God had planned long before we even knew he was our son.

Right now we have two possible scenarios – leaving on October 3 and returning on the 15th or leaving on October 5 and returning on the 19th.  Either one of these will work, but we are hoping for the first one.  Our agency has requested that option and we will know on Tuesday of next week if that’s the plan (because China has ANOTHER holiday on Monday).  Living Hope was as disappointed as we were that we can’t leave next week and has been working for two days trying to get us to China as soon as possible.  They are awesome and that’s why I love them sooo much!!!