Things are crazy busy around here these days.  Our church’s consignment sale is this week and I will be involved in that for the next three days.  As soon as that is over, I am going to get serious about packing.  Packing for six people is a little different than packing for three.  Along with the packing, I still need to talk/meet with school teachers, finish a little paperwork, finalize in-China travel plans, make some appointments after we get back, finish some things I am making for the two littles, finalize some house cleaning I started, ect.  Typing it all out makes it seem overwhelming, so I’ll just stop there.

Our plane tickets arrived in the mail and that made it all start to seem real.  We have a countdown chart in our kitchen and the current count is 15 days till we leave!!!  We fly out very EARLY on Friday morning October the 7th, get our boy on October 10th, and then return home on Friday night October 21st.  The poor little guy has no idea what he is about to arrive into.  (:  I just can’t wait to finally get my hands on that precious person we have been looking at since January.

Off to start my day……….