Wow, we have to get out of town before something else breaks or gets messed up!!!  This has been the week of issues for sure.  Here’s a recap of this weeks unfortunate interesting events:

*Laptop decides to die a slow death

*Camera lens needs 6 weeks to be repaired

*Lawn mower breaks (that mows 10 acres of grass)

*New Portable DVD player arrives in the mail broken

*Youngest Child flushes baby wipes down the toilet/overflows the bathroom and living room floor

*Next to youngest child decides to give herself a haircut


Not a single one of those things can put a damper on the excitement in this house!!!  The packing has begun and we spent the day cleaning rooms and laying out clothes.  I can’t believe we are just a few days away……….

Now, if I can just keep the mishaps adventures to a minimum.  Ha.

(uncut hair on the left side of self proclaimed beautician’s head)

(new “do” on the right side) She said she didn’t want to let her hair grow out.  She wants to keep her bangs…….

the plumber (aka baby wipe maniac)