Tentative Travel Itinerary:

10/7/2011                                Flight to China!!

10/8/2011                                Arrive in Hong Kong 

10/9/2011                                Take the train to Guangzhou.   

10/10/2011                               2:30pm pick up your son at civil affairs office!!!!

10/11/2011                               9:00am complete the paperwork 

10/12/2011                               3:00pm bus to the passport office

10/13/2011                               9:30am child’s medical, TB test, and visa paperwork

10/14/2011                               City tour, Orphanage Visit

 10/15/2011                               Back to check results of TB test

 10/16/2011                               Attend church service and shopping at the QingPing Markets

 10/17/2011                               8:30am Consulate appointment and group oath

 10/18/2011                               3:30pm pick up visa, fly to Beijing

 10/19/2011                               Visit the Great Wall, and see the acrobat show

 10/20/2011                              Rickshaw ride through the Hutong, shopping at the Pearl Market and a visit to Fangshan training center

10/21/2011                               depart for home!!!