Since I started this wordpress blog, I have purposefully not used names for my family as a safety precaution.  Doing that has not always been easy and I have slipped up from time to time – like yesterday…..anyone catch that?  While in China, I don’t want to password protect all my posts because not everyone has the password.  I know how frustrating it is to read a blog and feel like you are missing out because something is protected.  (Although I do understand the need to protect certain information)  So, I have decided to just let it go while we are traveling and not worry about trying to keep all names out of every post.  Whewww, that’s a relief.

So, if you are family or friends then you know this gang pretty well, but if not, then let me introduce you to the crew:

Jordyn is the oldest of the bunch and broke her personal record yesterday in cross country by almost a full minute!

Tyler comes next and is the die-hard Steelers fan.

Casey is the youngest of the “bigs” and will turn 13 while we are in China.

Maia is the pistol sweetie that recently cut her own hair.

Aliana is the baby who is hitting the “twos” head on!!

And….. our new son will be named Camden Lin Feng.  We will call him Lin Feng at first and then switch over to Camden as he gets settled and more familiar with his new family, new life and new language.

Then, this is us, Jeff and Dana.  We are the people responsible for this party of eight and loving every minute most every minute !!