Maia and Aliana are staying home while we are gone to China.  They know that their job is to talk on Skype every day and be the welcoming crew when we arrive home.  Maia is taking that job very seriously.  She lets me know very often what she will be bringing and doing at the airport!!

It won’t be easy to leave them at home for 2 weeks, but they will be in good hands with our dear friends Jeff and Sandra and their children Brooke and Hilton (and Davy).  The girls love to go to Miss Sandra’s house and are covered with love and attention whenever they visit.  My friend Joy is helping out with back up.  We wouldn’t make it without good friends in our life and I am so thankful that I can leave knowing my girls are safe and cared for.

I’ve done a few things to help the little girls understand how long we will be gone and when we are coming home.

They have Countdown Calendars for a sticker each day.


They have counting link chains.  They can remove a link each day until “Coming Home Day”.

And I have wrapped a small gift for each day that we are gone – things like chapstick, candy, and stickers.

Hopefully these things will help them undertand how long 15 days will be.  For now, they are excited about doing something different and have even asked if we are leaving yet!!