Now that I have internet and some sleep, I can write about our trip and post pictures.  We arrived at the airport bright and early Friday morning for our 7am flight.  I think the excitement superseded the lack of sleep we all had.

Our first flight was quick and easy.  After a 4 hour layover, we boarded the next plane for the looooong 15 hour flight.

Over all the kids did pretty well.  Casey and I probably slept the least, but still were able to sleep some.  The food wasn’t too bad and they had my favorite cookies just like Joy promised.  (it’s the little things, right)

We landed in Hong Kong and it took a couple of hours to go through Immigration, get our luggage and catch our shuttle to the hotel.  After a shower, we were ready to head out for food.  We were very adventurous and ate at Outback.  haha

Hong Kong is a beautiful city!!!  The night life is very active even late at night.  We could have easily spent more time here, but we have something a little more important to do!

After touring Hong Kong today, we will catch a train and arrive in Guangzhou this evening.

Only 32 more hours till Camden!!!!!!!