We visited the famous Victoria Peak in Hong Kong (also known as The Peak) during our one day quick tour.  The Peak is the tallest mountain on Hong Kong Island and is 342 miles high.  From the Sky Tower on top, you can see for miles and miles around.  The kids loved it, but if you know anything about me, you know how I felt about all that.  We spent the last couple of hours walking through downtown and the very upscale shopping located in Hong Kong.  I will have to say that it is all pretty impressive and pretty expensive!!!

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Then we boarded a train that took us to Guangzhou. The train ride was probably one of the most relaxing things that we have done yet.  It was pretty neat and we enjoyed it.  Because Hong Kong is not a part of mainland China, we had to go out of Customs and Immigration and then back in again when we got in Guangzhou.  That was a fun time.  NOT.


Anyway, we made it safe and sound and our Living Hope guide was waiting for us with a big smile on her face.  She helped us get checked into our beautiful and very spacious hotel and confirmed all our times for tomorrow.  We ventured out for dinner and a little walking and then crashed back into our rooms.  I couldn’t stay awake long enough to wait for the computer, so I am wide awake at 4:30am now.  (:



Just a few short hours till we meet Camden at 2:30pm in the Civil Affairs Office.  I am anxious and nervous, but so excited about finally putting my arms around that small person we have been looking at for 9 months!!