First of all, God is so very good and does immeasurably more than we could ever think or imagine!  We definitely felt Him all through the day yesterday during those first few hours.  I feel sure the prayers from all of you were heard and answered.

It’s after 5 am here in China and our new son is sleeping soundly on a little couch pulled right up beside the bed where I was sleeping.  It’s so hard to believe that he is finally here and in just about 4 hours he will be ours forever.  I can’t wait to hear the officials ask us this morning if we want to adopt Wang, Lin Feng because we will answer with a resounding YES!

I am going to give a recap of our day for myself so that I won’t forget all the details and for those of you who want to know.  (:

We arrived at the Civil Affairs Office about 30 minutes before he did and were able to watch several families receive their children.  I loved that the kids were able to just sit and watch this happen over and over because there is nothing like seeing families joined together.  We caught a glimpse of the back of him as they were walking in and laughed when we saw he was wearing all camo.  They took him to a back room and we waited until they called us.  As you can see in the pictures, he was terrified and very quiet and didn’t make eye contact with anyone much.  In the beginning, he basically just stood perfectly still and had a death grip on a cookie and his photo album that we had sent.

We all sat down and I pulled his very stiff and sweaty little body onto my lap.  He turned around to see who I was and then just continued to basically ignore us.  I can’t imagine how scared he must have been at that minute as the guide and the worker from the SWI were telling him that this was his MaMa and his BaBa.  Every time they told him something he would just nod his head and keep staring straight ahead.  While we were talking and asking questions, we opened the backpack and pulled out a little car that got his complete attention.  He is a lover of cars for sure!  Casey started interacting with him a little and pushed the car around and made noise and that’s when we saw the first smile.  Jeff was able to get some more smiles after he pulled him onto his lap by running the car all around and making noises.

We took the family picture with the orphanage worker and then she told him goodbye and that is the first time we saw any tears.  They built up in his eyes and his little lip started trembling, but he held it back.  I can’t believe how strong and brave he was and is.  It’s amazing how much strength a little person can have.

We loaded up in the van and headed to Carrefour for some water and drinks and some snacks and food that he likes.  During the car ride, he started opening up a little more as we looked at things in his backpack and played with the cars.  He rode in the buggy at the store and wanted to put every item proudly into the cart.  I saw a glimpse of his abilities when he proceeded to sort the items in the back of the cart – such as stacking all the packages of Oreo cookies together.  Maybe I am going to have an organized child?!  Nah, I am sure it will wear off when we get home.  (:

On the way back to the hotel, Jordyn and Tyler had him making silly faces and giggling.  He ate goldfish and learned the word “fish” and the sign for more.  As quick as he could stuff those fish in his mouth, he would sign more and say “fush”.  I guess goldfish must be good all around the world.  Our guide Helen taught him Jordyn and Tyler and Casey’s name and within minutes he could tell her who everyone was.  He calls them JieJie Jordyn, Tyler GeGe and GeGe Casey.

At the hotel, he came alive very quickly.  The kids sat in the floor and played with him while Jeff and I changed clothes and put things away, etc.  As you can see in the pictures, his smiles started and we saw a new person come out after that.  He actually got pretty wild as the night progressed.  But after running around and fighting Casey with Kung Fu (that he knows from somewhere) he would go back and sit in Jeff’s lap for reassurance every little bit.

We fed him a bowl of noodles and saw his mastery at the chopsticks.  Jeff says it puts even him to shame.  He ate so much food that I was afraid he was going to throw up –  noodles, goldfish, chips, Cheesecake (with his chopsticks), yogurt drink, a banana and a cup of water.  He wanted me to know that the cup he had, which was the Cars Movie theme, matched one of his little cars.  He would put them side by side and show me that they were the same.  We also have the Chinese movie of Cars for him too and he would point to that and show us that they all were alike.  He is pretty quick.

I think he is going to pick up English quickly.  He repeats everything we say.  I think we are going to have another Repeat along with Aliana in the house.  That may drive me crazy.

We skyped with Maia and Aliana and he was interested in that for a while.  We told him they were his Mei Meis.  He could say Maia, but had a little trouble with Aliana.  The girls and he played a game of “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine”.  He showed them his monkey and they would show him a toy.  He showed them his car and Aliana went to get a car to show him.  Maia showed him a picture of him we have at home and he showed her a picture of himself in his photo book……  It was really sweet.  I can’t wait to see them interact.

Feng Feng told Helen (our guide) before she left that he was going to sleep with me so we pulled the little couch in our room up beside our bed and made him a little bed in it.  We put him to bed a bunch of times and he would climb out over the back of the couch every time.  I know that going to bed was probably scary for him so Jeff just kept picking him back up and holding him and then putting him back in the bed.  After repeating this process for a zillion times, Jeff ended up just holding him for a while until he couldn’t fight sleep anymore.

During that time, I completely konked out and woke up this morning with him sleeping very soundly beside me.  And so he sleeps.  And the sun is coming up and I can’t wait to see what this day holds.

We are totally in love with this new precious person that God chose for us.  I am so glad that the older kids were here to witness his entry into our family.   He’s beautiful, sweet, funny, skinny as a little rail, smart, and PERFECT FOR OUR FAMILY!!!!!

For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.”

– Romans 8:15

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