Wang, Lin Feng officially became Camden Lin Feng this morning.  We returned to the Civil Affairs Office, had a picture made and two official interviews.  At the end they announced that he was our new son.

After the morning appointment, we took a trip to Shaiman Island and had his TB test done.  He didn’t even cry!  We’ll have it read on Thursday, and have his visa medical done tomorrow.  We ate lunch at Lucy’s and then spent a few hours shopping in the shops on the Island.

Back at the hotel, we decided to hit the pool.  Jordyn was going to work out, so the boys and I were the only ones there.  We quickly figured that one out…… it was freezing.  It had just rained and I guess we were the only ones dumb enough to be out there.  I happily took pictures from the side.  (:

It was very apparent that Lin Feng had never seen a pool before.  He was giddy with excitement.  BUT, we had one major problem.  He wanted to take off his swimsuit.  I guess he thought it was a giant bathtub, unless maybe he has gone skinny dipping???  It was a fight to keep it on him for the first 15 minutes, but once we got him in the pool I think he was too cold to remember what he was doing before.

He loved the pool….especially jumping off the side.  The first time his face went under the water a little he was shocked and I thought he would cry, but he ended up laughing, hysterically.   When his lips were almost purple and he was shaking so hard his teeth were rattling, we decided it was time to go.

We hit it back to the room and had Papa John’s pizza for dinner and because no one could stay awake, were all in the bed by 7:30-8:00pm.

Tomorrow visa medical and Helen is taking us to the Pearl Market.

(this post was from yesterday, but our internet was too sketchy last night to post it)

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