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Our day started very early this morning because we went to bed so early last night.  All of us were up by 4:30 am except for Jeff and Lin Feng and they followed a little later.  We were the first people at the breakfast buffet at 6:30 am!

Helen took us to do a little shopping.  She is pretty amazing when it comes to talking down the shop keepers.  We had McDonalds for lunch and then went back to the room for a little nap.

This afternoon we had Lin Feng’s Visa Medical and went to the Police Station to apply for his passport.  He was still sleepy from his half finished nap and slept off and on  throughout the afternoon.   He’s been a little sad today and we’ve seen some tears.  They actually started when he woke up this morning.  I know all of this is perfectly normal and I am honestly glad to see that he has feelings and can attach.  But, it is still hard to see him going through this.

Tonight we are going to hit the Cow and Bridge for dinner and check out the shops on Shaiman Island a little more.