We took our little monkey to the Guangzhou City Zoo today.  He loved every single minute of it!!!  He was so animated and talkative while we were there and we had a chance to hear him speaking in his own language.  He hasn’t had much to say since we got him and we think it is because he knows we don’t understand what he’s saying.  Today, though, he was so excited he couldn’t help himself and chattered non-stop.  He can speak and understand both Mandarin and Cantonese, but he is most fluent in Cantonese.  He is picking up English quicker than I thought he would.  He knows monkey, fish and turtle, and today he learned elephant too.  He cracks us up when he says “Oh no!” and “No, no, no!”

We tried to go back to Shaiman Island, but the torrential rains kept us from doing very much.  We were planning on going out for Casey’s birthday, but ended up hanging out in the room and ordering pizza.  We’ll try again for that tomorrow night.

We’re going to need extra prayers for the next few days, because we had to move into the same room today.   The Canton Trade Fair starts tomorrow in Guangzhou and our hotel room rate more than doubles.  We decided saving that much money was worth the extra hassle and that we can survive anything for a few days.  It’s a good thing our room is so big!

We ended our day with a cake for Casey’s birthday.  The hotel was very nice and sent a cake up to our room just for him.

Tomorrow morning we are headed to Guangzhou SWI.  Helen has explained to him that we are going for a visit and hopefully he understands.  We also hope we get a chance to see a few special children while we are there.  (:

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