We started our day off today with a stop at the Visa Medical Center to have Lin Feng’s TB test checked.  It was negative…..praise the Lord!  Then we were off to visit the Guangzhou SWI.  The lady who brought him to us on Monday knew him pretty well and had a lot of information about him.  So we were excited to go back to visit with her again today and hopefully fill in a few more of the blanks we had about his past.

We were met at the entrance by a foster mother and her baby girl.  She brought her baby for us to take pictures of to send back to her family.  So I have some pictures and little bit of video for one happy mama.  The other two children we wanted to see were not there, but the staff promised they would deliver the photo book to one, and let the other child’s foster mother know that we were asking about her.

Lin Feng was a little apprehensive about getting out of the car, but Helen assured him that we were only there for a visit.  He asked if MaMa and BaBa were going to leave too, and he wanted JieJie and 2 GeGes to leave with him.  When he was sure that we were not staying, he was fine.

We had a chance to see his classroom and to see his bedroom and bed and the area where he ate lunch each day.  The children in his class were very excited to see him and waved happily and chatted away to him.  The teachers all hugged and told him bye.  He wasn’t interested in going to any of them.

We also saw the wing with the severe special needs children.  Although the nannies were very attentive to them, it was sad to see them all sitting in the floor looking so empty.  I asked if they would be adopted and was told no.  Because their mental ability is limited, they will not be allowed to be adopted.  This orphanage is responsible for several hundred children.  Half of them are in foster care and the other half live on the grounds.

As we were leaving, a lady came running to the car.  She turned out to be Lin Feng’s foster mother.  We were not supposed to have met her, but she found out he was there and had come to see him.  She was a beautiful precious lady who obviously loved him very much.  It was a sad time for all of us, but I had a chance to tell her how much we appreciated what she had done for him.   Through many tears, she told Lin Feng goodbye.

Unfortunately, this upset our little guy very much.  For the next few minutes, we had a very unhappy boy on our hands.  He cried more than we have seen him cry yet and was not happy with any of us.  He spent the next few miles in the car shaking his finger at us telling us no.  It took a while, but he eventually settled down.  By the time we got back to the hotel, he was more like his normal self.

I’m glad we had a chance to visit the orphanage.  And, although seeing his foster mother was hard, I’m glad we had that chance too.  We now have pictures and information for him that we would have never had.  I also think that this was closure for him and he is better able to understand that we are his new family.  Hopefully his little heart will be able to open up to all of us and accept the love we have for him.

The next couple of days are free days for us so we will be happy to just hang out and enjoy the rest of our time in Guangzhou.

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