Ok, so here’s a random post……..  just some observations (in no certain order) I need to make for those who have asked or so I won’t forget.  This is information that you may not care to have or read, but for those who do, here goes:

***Tyler does not like to have his picture taken.  He IS here in China with us, but isn’t usually in front of the camera.  He wants to approve all pictures before they are posted, too.

**Camden weighed 29.7 lbs at the Visa Medical and was 39 inches tall.

**This means that Camden is about an inch taller than Maia and that Maia weighs 2 lbs more than he does (he is six months older)

**We are calling Camden, Lin Feng for now.   The orphanage called him Feng Feng.  He knows that as his name.  If you ask him his name, he will answer – Wang, Lin Feng.  At some point we will start calling him Camden Lin Feng (which is his new legal name) and then eventually we will drop the Lin Feng and call him just Camden.  except of course for emphasis sake when I need it  (:

**Six of us sleeping in the same room is possible, a little crowded, but very doable.

**For the record, I didn’t realize how much I loved Brueggars bagels or Qdoba grilled chicken salads or Zaxby’s chicken salad or Wendy’s hamburgers or Bojangles biscuits, or tiny little pieces of ice, or…………

**Camden LOVES noodles. of any kind. I mean LOVES them.  A bowl of noodles and a set of chopsticks make him light up like a neon sign.  I guess this will be a staple at our house just like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are for the girls.

**Camden is a BaBa’s boy.  He needs to know where he is at all times.  It will be interesting to see what happens when we get home and he meets Aliana who is a mommy’s girl and Maia who likes her Daddy pretty much too.

**The big kids have done great on this trip so far – even better than I expected.  They are so open and interested in the Chinese culture.  I’m glad they had a chance to experience it all.

**I am anxious to see how Maia and Camden co-exist.  They are equally strong, and both very smart.  They are either going to butt heads in a BIG way, or they are going to pair up and keep me on my toes.

**Four year olds are very aware of what people are saying about them.  When we got our babies, they didn’t realize that people were pointing and staring and discussing them with others.  Four year olds do and they don’t really like it.

**I wonder how shopkeepers are able to sell items with Scripture verses on them and are able to have Bibles in their shops?  I thought that it was not legal here.

**Last of all, I love my family of EIGHT!  And I love my husband who loves them all right along side of me.