Today was a “down day” for us and we were ready for some slow down around here.  We have been going pretty much non-stop since Monday taking care of adoption related appointments and doing some sightseeing with our guide, Helen.

Camden Lin Feng has been doing pretty well, overall, I think.  We hit a bump in the road every now and then, but he usually bounces back pretty quickly.  We occasionally get looks that look like this, which tells us something is not right.

But for the most part, he is a happy easy-going little guy.

He sings a lot and is humming constantly when he is playing with toys in the room.  If we start singing a familiar children’s song, he will chime right in in Chinese.  He doesn’t seem to notice that we aren’t singing the same words.  haha

While it has been pretty quiet here in Guangzhou, I knew that many adoptive families would be arriving today and Shaiman Island would be busy and active.  So we headed over there to shop around and to meet up with my friend Jennifer.  I met her through RQ, a China adoption forum and we have been talking back and forth for a few months.   The island was hopping with new families and the shops were very busy with activity.  It also helped that the sun came out and the rain has stopped for now.

We actually ran into another RQ friend also while we were there.  Several of us received our Travel Approvals at the same time and now we are all here on the same timeline.  It was pretty neat to actually meet these people who you have been talking to for so long.

After lunch, Jeff, Jordyn and Lin Feng headed back to the room for a nap while Tyler, Casey and I shopped around the island a little more.  I have been fighting a cough for the past couple of days and apparently it decided to turn into a full-fledged sickness.   So I came back and headed straight into the bed.  Hopefully the antibiotics I started will kick in soon and I won’t feel this way for too long.   Jordyn’s adventurous eating also caught up with her and she was sick too.  Needless to say, our room was not very active.  Please pray that everyone will be back to life today and that we can all stay well through the flights home.

Speaking of home, I miss my girls so much and can’t wait to see their smiling faces soon.  I just need to squeeze them and smell their sweet little heads.  They seem to be doing great every time we see them on skype and I’m thankful that they are being well cared for!!