isn’t claiming his citizenship.  Just yet. At the consulate appointment he was fully aware that something was going on and had a full conversation with Helen about it on the way back to the hotel.  I had given him a little American flag and he happily waved it for quite a while.  He told Helen that he had a dragon flag once from the Dragon Boat Festival.  She explained to him that this was an American flag and he was now an American.  He told her “No, I’m Chinese”.  So we told him he was Chinese American.  She told him that he was going to the USA and he told her “the US is big”. She said she isn’t sure where he heard that.  He’s a pretty witty guy for sure.

We spent our day doing some last things that everyone wanted to get in before we leave.  We headed back to the shoe market on our own and that was pretty exciting. I don’t think I have ever seen so many shoes in one building.  I even found some that my sister Laura would love.   We hit the subway for the second time and I think we are getting pretty good at it.   The kids worked out last night and have plans to do it again tonight.  They have used the hotel’s workout room a good bit.

We also had the chance tonight to have dinner with some friends from the RQ world.  It’s fun to be able to hang out with others in the same situation and have conversation with those going through the same process.   Jennifer and April and their families joined ours at a Mexican restaurant across town.  The food was actually good and the fellowship was even better.  Poor Jennifer has been sick today so I was glad that she was able to come.  We will definitely keep up with these families long after we’ve gone home.   I can’t wait to watch their precious children blossom in their new families.

So, we are packing the suitcases tonight and getting ready to head to Beijing tomorrow.  We check out of the hotel at 2pm and then have an evening flight that will last about 3 hours.  I can’t wait to see how our little man does on a plane.

Only four more nights till I have my baby girls in my arms……..

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