It’s early morning here in Beijing and every one is asleep.  I have to get them all up soon because we head to the Great Wall this morning!!!  I can’t wait for the kids to see this.

We left Guangzhou yesterday afternoon amid thick rush hour traffic.  I was a little concerned that we weren’t going to make it to the airport on time, but we did!!!!  Helen always gets us where we need to be just when we are supposed to be there.  We really were sad to say goodbye to her in many ways.  She went over and above for our family while we were there.  And, she was the only direct link we had to Camden’s communication.  I know we will be fine on our own, especially at the fast rate he is picking up English, but it was still great to know exactly what he wanted to say.

The plane ride was easy and relaxing and our boy was beyond excited.  The whole plane heard his happy squeals as we took off and landed.  The pictures are worth a thousand words.  He loved flying on the “fay gaiy” which is the Cantonese word for plane.

Once we landed in Beijing, though, we saw a glimpse of another Camden Lin Feng.  We aren’t sure what he thought we were doing, but he was very upset and angry when we arrived in Beijing.  We saw many tears in the airport and several times he refused to walk or move.  He was very tired from the long day and excitement, but I think it is possible that we may see some grieving that we haven’t seen yet.  Once we got to our new guide, Lisa,  she was able to explain about us visiting Beijing.  The most amazing thing was that he talks to her in full Mandarin, no Cantonese.  So apparently he is able to fully speak both.  Please pray for our little guy and his upside down world.  I hope when he wakes up this morning, he will feel more secure and will have a happier day.

We had a few hotel issues late last night and ended up changing rooms.  We got that settled but ended up with no air conditioning.  If you know our family, you know how cold it is around our house…. haha.  So, we are a little warm right now.  (:  But, we are happy to be in Beijing and excited to be seeing the Great Wall this morning.  And I will have to be honest and say that I am very happy that we are one step closer to home and our precious girls.   Just two more nights for us and we are USA bound!!!!!

We would love to have your prayers today!!!

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