Today we packed as much fun and excitement as we could for our last full day of China.  We left the hotel early and got back very late so we are really tired.  But we still have packing to do, so we won’t see the bed for a little while longer.

I don’t have much time to write tonight, so I am going to sum up our day in bullet points…….  (:

** We shopped the Pearl Market (which is much more than just pearls) and shopped and bargained and shopped some more

** We spent a lot of time stuck in busy Beijing traffic

** We ate lunch at a traditional Peking Duck restaurant – without the duck…..ha!  But the food was some of the best we have had in China yet

** We took a rickshaw ride through the Hutong and learned a little more about China’s history

** I got a picture of Camden Lin Feng’s face – the one he gives when he isn’t happy with one of us

** We visited Living Hope’s  Fang Shan Training Center and enjoyed our time there very much.  We were able to see Chad (in the gray jacket in the pictures) who we sponsor and several children who visited our house this past February

** We got to know our driver and he taught us some Chinese words while we taught him some English.  He made our two days here extra fun and saved us much money on our shopping excursion.  He is a master at dealing with shopkeepers

** We spent another day with Lisa who answered all our questions about China patiently

** We talked about home and counted out loud how many hours until we arrive there

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