Ahhhhh…… so glad to be home!  Love being in my house and love my precious friends who had it so very clean and well stocked with food for us.  I don’t know what I would do without them.  I don’t want to ever take for granted all the things I have to be thankful for.  We are so very blessed.

Camden wasn’t very happy to say goodbye to China and actually cried on the way to the airport when Lisa explained to him that we were leaving for the USA.  But, by the time we got to the airport, he had perked up.

We couldn’t have asked for a smoother trip home.  Of course flying all those hours are never fun, but everyone did great on the flights.  Camden slept a long while on the big flight and then played and watched a DVD the rest of the time.  Everyone was happy on the short flight from Chicago because we were so close to home.  And then we arrived at the airport to a whole group of family and friends.  The best part was our two little princesses waiting front and center.

Camden was nicely wound up and friendly to everyone.  He loved all the attention.  And he and the girls got along pretty well.

We took our new family photo……..  (photos compliments of my sister in law’s facebook) 🙂

 Then we headed home to our house which was beautifully cleaned and stocked with food from my two good friends Joy and Sandra.

We spent today letting Camden get familiar with his new room, toys and sisters.

They played pretty well together, except for “Mine” and “No”.  Camden talked to his sisters in Chinese a good bit while they were playing and it was pretty funny.  He and Maia had a great time putting together puzzles.

And I think he may have a future job as a city planner.

Overall we are all doing great.  A little sleepy, but pretty good.  Camden has cried more over the last two days than he has since he came to us, but, I think this is all perfectly normal.   He is making a big adjustment and it isn’t going to be easy.  We are just going to love him through it all and before long, he will feel right at home too.!