Wow!  What a week that was…….  but we all survived and made it to the other side without losing too much of our sanity.  The jet lag hit hard and you could find at least one family member up every hour of the day and night.  Some people slept too much and some slept too little.  I’m so glad we are finally getting back to the normal sleep routines in our house.

Camden has settled in nicely and is adjusting more easily than I could have ever dreamed he would.  Of course, this is just the beginning and things could change at any moment, but he is really doing well.  He started right off sleeping in his new room with Casey and sleeps 12 hours almost every night, along with a 2-3 hour nap.

He will try any food that we put in front of him, but only picks at his food if he doesn’t care for it.  We keep Cup ‘O Noodles in the pantry and he will ask for it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  He always uses his chopsticks too.

His English is coming along so fast that it makes me almost sad.  He has even said a couple of sentences this week.  The first one was “Tyler’s a BEAST”.  We all laughed at that so he said it over and over again.  He knows how to use hello, thank you, wow, yes and no appropriately.  Along with his animal names, he has also learned car, truck, candy, pumpkin, more, drink and eat.  Most of the time, he can communicate to us what he wants us to know or what he wants us to get for him.  There are some times, though, that he will chatter several sentences in front of us and then wait expectantly for an answer.  At these times, we feel pretty helpless.

Along with loving his older siblings, he seems to think that his little sisters are pretty fun.  They all three play well together with only a few sharing issues.  The only problem we have so far is that they can destroy my house with toys in a few seconds flat!!

Our first week at home consisted of a visit to

**The pediatrician

** The general dentist

**The pulmonologist

**The hospital for a CAT scan of his lung

Our first week at home also consisted of

**a broken lawn mower

**replacement of “lost in China”mouth retainer

**broken transmission in our Expedition (the only car capable to hold our whole family)

**purchase of a new to us vehicle

**broken water filter

**mounds of make up work for school

**state cross-country meet

So, we are hoping that this next week is slow and boring and back to normal life for all of us.  No matter how crazy things seem to be around here, we are fully aware of how blessed we are with our new son and are so happy to be his family.

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