We just got home from our sixth medical appointment in two weeks and I am going to have to be honest.  I’m a little overwhelmed.   On the outside, Camden looks great, and except for being on the skinny side, perfectly healthy.  He plays and eats and even occsionally fights with his sisters like any other normal four year old.  He’s picking up English quicker than any of us ever thought he would and I’m a little sad about that.  I love to hear his “Chinese Chatter” throughout the day and his happy Chinese songs that he sings while he’s playing.  When I look at him, it’s hard to believe that he actually has some medical issues.  But he does, and so we are making all the initial trips to doctors, and dentists, and surgeons to figure out what he needs to help him be the healthiest he can be.  We wouldn’t accept anything less.  Hopefully we will have some concrete answers and some surgery dates in the next week.