One month ago we met our very solemn, scared, and shut down little boy in the Civil Affairs office in Guangzhou, China.

He hid so much of his personality in those first days and I still think we have much to learn about who he really is.  Each day, though, a little more of him is exposed and little by little he is weaving his way into our family.  He is sweet, smart, loving, curious, giggly, stubborn, funny, active, and a little bit rotten.  He is also a good eater, a good sleeper and a quiet car rider (with an occasional bout of car sickness).

He will try any food that we give him to eat, but he doesn’t always eat it all.  He loves meat of any kind and wants seconds and sometimes thirds.  He doesn’t care for sweet foods such as waffles or oatmeal, but likes most any fruit.  He loves noodles and would eat them for every meal if we let him.  He doesn’t like cold foods very much, but is starting to get used to them.  He doesn’t like milk, but can be coaxed into drinking a little if we put some chocolate syrup in it.  (:   And he will eat candy of any kind!

He does well with the potty but we are having bed wetting issues.  It’s not a big deal to us now, so we just use pull ups at night.  He loves to take a bath and will probably be a water bug like his sisters this summer.

His favorite toys are still cars, but he also loves puzzles, play tools, Legos, and Mr. Potato Head.  He spends a lot of the day playing with the little kitchen.  He likes to cook food and serve tea.  Of course his little sisters are thrilled to play this with him.  He has recently started sitting through books that we read to Aliana and Maia and even has a favorite that he brings for us to read – Turkey Trouble.

His English is exploding.  He can say several words, but is also imitating phrases that Maia and Aliana use and uses them appropriately.  He will say “I’m done” at meals and “I want some more”.  He also says “I love you” from time to time after the girls have said it.  He can ask for something to eat or drink by saying “Mommy, drink” or “Mommy, eat”.  He loves to say “Give me five!” Unfortunately he is learning to tattle and loves to tell on anything that he thinks Aliana has done unfairly.  His favorite words are Mommy (says it at least a million times a day), no, yes, elephant, cat, dog, potty, yeah!, good job, cars, trucks, ball, and snack.  He has started singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and The ABC song in English instead of Chinese.

We make a point to expose him to some kind of Chinese each day.  He either watches a movie, plays a game on an Ipod or listens to Chinese children’s songs.  He also chatters away to the girls while they are playing and they actually repeat things that he says to him.   I guess our house is bilingual in a way.

Overall he is doing so well.  Some days he is sad and I can’t figure out the reason and some days he is just plain ‘ol stubborn and cranky.  He has his moments but when we get firm with him, he gives in even though he isn’t happy about it.  It doesn’t take long, though until he perks right back up and is playing again.

We have visited two different dentists and know that he needs a good bit of dental work.  Even though they are baby teeth, the decay goes so deep that they have to be treated.  Because there are so many teeth, he is going to have it all done at once under general anesthesia in the hospital.

We visited the pulmonologist and had a CAT scan of his lung.  He does have the cyst on his lung and we see the pediatric surgeon this week to discuss surgery.  We haven’t been told anything about the cyst/cysts yet, but hope to get all of our questions answered this week.  Our visit with the hematologist went very well and she helped us to understand his blood disorder better than we did.  She also told us what foods he needs to avoid and what steps we need to take when he gets sick.  It basically is a non issue until his body gets an infection of some type.

And here are some Camden Random – ness:

**He opens the refrigerator and pantry on occasion and just looks around at what is in there

**He acts like someone just returned from the war when his older siblings or BaBa walk through the door after they have been gone

**He calls Jordyn on the play phone during the day (I would love to know what he tells her)

**He loves to play rough with anyone willing, but doesn’t with his sisters

**He sings a great Chinese accented version of “Baby Baby” and “Tonight, Tonight, There’s A Party On The Rooftop”

**He giggles hysterically when Roxy licks his face and then puts his face down for Roxy to do it again

**All dogs are named Roxy

He has made so much progress in just this first month that I can’t imagine what he will be like six months from now.