Our family has so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  If we started counting our blessings, the list would be a mile long.  Although all of our family wasn’t able to come this year, we still enjoyed the day with my younger brother Timothy and his family.

And on Wednesday, we had a wonderful day of visiting with close friends from the past.  First was my good friend and “old” neighbor Dawn and her family.  We spent a good part of the day catching up on our lives and she helped me clean my house, while our girls decorated the Christmas tree.  We can always pick up right where we left off.  Her son (from Korea) and Camden had a big time crashing trucks, using tools and playing house with the little girls!  And we actually let our teenage girls drive to the mall!!  Can’t believe that they were once little girls running through the sprinkler.

Then we had a chance to eat dinner and visit with our good friends Steven and Jennifer that night.  Their girls are so precious with our little ones and are willing to read books and play whatever they wish. Camden seemed to think that Anna (from China) understood him and tried to tell her some things a couple of times.  Their son fits right with our big boys so we’re able to visit.  Jennifer was so sweet and had pity on me and my uncooked Thanksgiving dinner.  She spent the majority of the night in the kitchen with Jordyn and me helping to get ready for Thanksgiving.

To top the weekend off, my nephews spent some time hunting at our house.  Jakob actually shot a deer and we had the nasty interesting opportunity to see what that all entailed.  Although Tyler and Casey were very entertained, I’m sure that hunting is not my thing!

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