After a VERY long roller coaster day yesterday, we finally saw our boy in the afternoon.  It was a big relief to see his precious face after anxiously waiting for so long.  The surgery took a lot longer than expected and we waited for over 7 hours.  His surgeon ran into some unexpected issues related to an infection he had sometime in his life.  But, he was able to complete what he needed to do and the lobe of his lung was removed.  Yesterday afternoon and last night were a little rough but we’re hoping today is better.  He has a chest tube and is in a lot of pain.  He also is angry at Jeff and I and isn’t acknowledging us very much.  I knew this was a possibility but it’s still painful to watch.  Please pray that we see a change today and our precious boy will find some relief.

We are praising God for the prayers He answered in keeping Camden safe and for guiding the doctors as they worked.  He is faithful!

“playing with the Child Life Specialist before surgery”

our wonderful surgeon

the precious Cantonese translator the hospital provided before surgery

struggling in recovery

our sad boy