Camden made some big improvements this evening.  Once he was “untied” from the chest tube and the IV, he was free to move around.  While we waited for company to come, he made a snowman craft with some nice ladies who were volunteering.  Once Jeff, Maia and Aliana showed up, he came to life.  They are probably his best course of therapy.  He doesn’t want them to get a step ahead of him, so he tried his best to keep up with them.  They spent the evening blowing bubbles (respiratory therapy), making crafts, eating snacks, riding the wagons and toy cars up and down the halls, and reading books.  Maia even asked if she could spend the night.  He was sad to see them leave and asked to go home too.  I tried my best to explain that maybe tomorrow we can go back to our house and he can sleep in Camden’s bed.  Some things are still hard to communicate with my lack of Chinese.

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