Happy Birthday today to our very excited five-year old.  We have spent much time explaining this “birthday thing” to him.  I think he may be figuring it out now.  We had a party for him on Saturday with family and friends that he is very close to, and he was beside himself with excitement.  After explaining the cake, the candles, the birthday song, and the presents (with help from Maia and Aliana) on Friday, he was ready.  He was very quick to say thank you over and over and there was never a doubt that he loved each and every part.

This morning, Maia informed him that he was five years old and he could tell everyone that now instead of saying four.  So he practiced a few times.  We took ice cream cups to preschool and he told me it was for everyone’s birthday.  I had to stop at the door and explain that it was for HIS birthday and he was sharing them with everyone to celebrate.  He seemed genuinely disappointed that everyone wasn’t having a birthday but perked right back up when his teacher put the birthday crown on his head.  I think he may have even strutted a little when he walked back to his seat.  HA!

This has been an eye opener to me.  I don’t know how they celebrate birthdays in China or if they did.  But there’s no doubt that our traditions are something brand new.  I love seeing the excitement in his eyes.  It makes me realize that I take the little things for granted way too often.

So, Happy Birthday Camden Lin Feng!!  May you always be as excited about your birthday as you are today.  We love you.

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