A few weeks ago, Aliana had a pre screening for speech therapy from our county’s early intervention program.  We weren’t surprised to find out that she has a pretty significant delay in articulation.  She has a lot of words, but just trouble pronouncing them clearly.  We WERE surprised when she failed  the hearing test in one ear at the end of the testing. 

After following up with our wonderful ENT, we found out that Aliana had some type of blockage in her right ear and she did in fact have complete hearing loss in that ear.  The doctor tried unsuccessfully to remove it during our visit.  He really thought it was hardened wax, but after working for a good while just couldn’t get it out.  So she was scheduled for outpatient surgery to have it removed and for a complete hearing test or ABR while she was under anesthesia.   We had that done very early this morning.

 Our big answer to prayer is that after the procedure, Aliana has complete hearing in both ears…. NOW.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t had hearing in her right ear since possibly just after birth.

Sometimes being an adoptive mother brings very frustrating circumstances that you can do nothing about.  And it makes you angry and after you rant and rave and cry, you have to realize that you have no control over your child’s past.  Today was one of those days.

Apparently, soon after Aliana’s birth, something was put into her ear.  The doctor compared it to toilet paper or something very similar.  It was pushed all the way into her ear canal almost to her ear drum.   Of course he couldn’t tell us why, he could only speculate and wonder along with us.  But he said it had been there most of her life.  Then wax had built up around it and on top of it until it had hardened like a rock.  When he got it all out, underneath the hardened part, was the mushy paper stuff.  He said because of how impacted her ear canal was, she had never been able to hear out of that ear.

I can’t imagine what that must have felt like.  And I am frustrated that she has had that for almost three years and we didn’t know!!

But, I guess I have to come to the conclusion that it’s out now and from this point on, things will feel a lot different.  And sound a lot different.  And like the doctor said, her life will completely be changed.