Camden had his 12 week visit to his surgeon this week.  Dr. Bambini was very pleased with his lung sounds and the look of his incisions.  They are healing very nicely and have flattened out a good bit.  He said the discoloration would lighten up more as time goes by.  Camden is still winded after running or doing vigorous activity, but the Dr. said that was actually a good thing.  He wants us to encourage more activity.  The more he runs and plays, the more alveoli will be reproduced where the lobe of lung was removed.  So we want to build up more lung capacity.

The final diagnosis was that he was most likely born with a congenital cyst on his lung that is called a CCAM.  At some point in his life he developed a severe infection or pneumonia.  This caused his lungs to adhere together and have some damage to them.  But by removing the lobe of the lung with the cysts and damage, he should have no further issues or problems.  Everything has now been taken care of.  In most cases in the US, this would have been removed soon after birth and he would not have had complications from the CCAM.  But because he is young, he should be able to build up the lung capacity in the area that was removed.  He doesn’t go back till December for a chest x-ray to see what things look like a year after surgery!  This is an answer to prayer.