I think I live in a constant state of trying to get caught up.  By the time I ever get caught up, I’ll probably be living in a nursing home or in Heaven.  Anyway, I know I’m behind in posting on the blog but believe or not we are really busy.  The big kids are involved in a lot of spring activities and we are trying to be at them all.

Casey has had ankle issues recently and we discovered that he has tendonitis in his ankles.  So his track season ended early this year.  Hopefully he will be able to strengthen them over time and be back running soon.

Tyler is in full swing with baseball.  He’s playing JV right now.  He actually injured his elbow and was out for ten days, but seems to be fine for now.

Jordyn visited her first college a couple of weekends ago.  She didn’t love it, but it was nice for her to start that decision-making process.  She also was in the school drama night last week.  She really enjoyed taking part in a few skits and we really enjoyed watching them.

So, things are hopping around here.  We’re getting ready for Easter this weekend and we have 5 new little somethings and are expecting that many or more in the next few days.  But that is a post for another day!  (: