Our Family

We are a busy family of eight.  My husband and I have been married for 18 years.  Those years have not always been perfect, but over all they have been wonderful and we have a strong happy marriage.  Our first three blessings were given to us biologically.  They came within three years and we thought we were finished having babies.  Little did we know that God had other plans in store for us down the road.  Our next two blessings came through the gift of adoption from Vietnam and China.  Again, we thought we were done and again, God had other plans.  I guess the recurring theme here is – God has the final say!  We recently returned from China with our newest blessing, a four-year old son.  Life is always exciting around our house.

Jordyn – The Musician – Our 16-year-old daughter and the one who introduced us to the joy of parenthood.  We thought she hung the moon and spoiled her rotten from the day she arrived into this world.   Time has flown by and now she is actually old enough to own a driver’s license.  She runs Cross Country, loves Facebook, texting, Twitter, her iPod and all things musical.  She plays the ukulele, the drums, the piano, and currently the guitar.  If it consists of music in any way, she loves it.



Tyler – The Mathematician – Our 14-year-old son and first boy.  He was and still is our most laid back and easy-going child.  (with a little bit of  “teenageness” creeping in)  Although he is a mastermind at math, he loves baseball, four-wheelers, football, golf and the Steelers.  Although he probably wouldn’t admit, he’s pretty crazy about his little sisters too.





Casey – Mr. Blue Eyes – Our 13-year-old son and self-proclaimed middle child.  We thought he was the baby and treated him as such for 9 years.  You can usually find him either talking, laughing or most often, singing loudly.  He makes good grades and gets along well with most everyone.  He loves to read, cheer for the the Patriots, play basketball and baseball, run Track, ride his dirt bike, text and aggravate his sisters.   But he is the only sibling that will change a dirty diaper and by far my best babysitter!!


Camden – The Bumblebee – Our 5-year-old son who came home from China’s SN program in October of 2011.  His special needs were G6PD and congenital cysts on his lung.  He had a lobectomy in December soon after coming home that took care of the cysts and is probably the healthiest person living in our house!  He’s happy, busy, talkative and loud.  He loves the Cars movie, Kung Fu Panda, and most anything with wheels.  He adores his little sisters, his older siblings and thinks his parents are pretty cool too.  He is learning English at lightening speed, and although we hit a rough spot now and then, his transition has probably been the easiest of all our adopted children.

Maia – The Dragonfly – Our 4-year-old daughter from Vietnam.  We brought her home in March of 2008 when she was 7 months old.  She is a ball of dynamite and pretty much keeps all of us on our toes.  She loves all things girly and declares herself the princess of the house.  She loves to watch Dora, work puzzles, play with Play Doh, dress up and control everyone’s phones and iPods.  She loves her little sister and new brother, but often reminds them that she is in charge!


The Ladybug – Our 2-year-old daughter we brought home from China in January of 2010.  We waited for her for almost five years.  She has a sweet, quiet personality but is hitting the “twos” head on.  She loves to imitate her big Dragonfly sister and is content to follow her around most of the day.  Although she came home to us significantly delayed, she has made tremendous progress to catch up through therapy and lots of love!  Everyone loves her to pieces and she makes a wonderful baby of the family.

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