Adoption Timeline

12/28/2010 – Opened His File

01/14/2011 – Started Homestudy

01/17/2011 – LOI

01/25/2011 – PA

01/27/2011 – DTC (reusing dossier)

02/9/2011 – Homestudy Received / Mailed I800a Application

02/10/2011 – Application Delivered to USCIS

02/15/2011 – Text/Email Received From USCIC

03/1/2011 – Fingerprint Notices Received

03/8/2011 – Walk-In Fingerprinting

04/1/2011 – I800a Approval (Verbal)

04/6/2011 – Received 797 in the mail – Overnighted to our agency

04/20/2011 – Last documents were DTC

05/6/2011 – LID (Dossier logged in)

07/08/2011 – LOA – 63 days wait

07/09/2011 – Mailed I800

07/11/2011 – I800 Package Delivered To USCIS

07/14/2011 – Received Text/Email From USCIS

07/18/2011 – Received Paper Reciept from USCIS

07/26/2011 – Received I800 Provisional Approval (verbal)

8/3/2011 – NVC Cable

8/3/2011 – NVC PDF Letter

8/9/2011 – Article 5 Documents were dropped off at US Consulate in Guangzhou

8/23/2011 – Article 5 is picked up

8/24/2011 – wait for TA begins

9/7/200/11 – TA!!!!

10/7/2011 – Leave for China

10/10/11 – Meet our new son

1o/17/11 – Consulate Appointment

1 thought on “Adoption Timeline”

  1. Billie Jo Paluch said:

    Wow you only had to wait about a year to get your son. We where going to adopt from China but my husband got tired of waiting so we adopted from PA Swan network. She was a foster child. Lacey was seven years old when we got her and the adoption took almost a year. She had to live with us six months before thing could get started. I wish we would have still went with China and foster care. I just love kids. I wish I could stay home and be a full time foster parent but my husband wouldn’t want to do that. We are very happy with our daugher Lacey.

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